Top 5 aka Slightly Different From Everyone Else

I’m not going to deny that S. Evan Townsend is one of my favorite people. Do we always see eye to eye? No, but at least the two of us can agree to disagree, look past the differences, and remain civil, something we Americans seem to be losing as a society. Poking the hornet’s nest aside, I try and check in with Mr. Townsend every so often, and I know he’s been doing the 52-week blogging challenge. I should probably look into it at some point, but for now, I still plan on just updating things when I have something important to say.

So what did he have to say to spark my interest? Last Thursday, when I was still sick (I just managed to catch up), I noticed he did one entitled “My Favorite Movies.” This is one of the things that he and I have in common. In case you hadn’t noticed, I lurve me some movies. Get me alone some time, and I would be more than happy to inundate you with analyses of several different titles. Well, I have this here blog thing, so maybe I should do that now. The twist is that I’m not going to talk about movies that are necessarily my favorite. I’m going to share with you movies that I don’t get tired of watching and why. I’m also not going to rank them because even though we all have our favorite children, we really shouldn’t be putting them in any sort of a pecking order! (Of course, I only have one child, and she’s a cat (sort of), so…)

Therefore, without further ado, I present my list of my most re-watchable movies. Enjoy!

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The Rad of Con or Connnn!

I apologize for not getting around to this sooner. I fully planned on doing the post last Wednesday, and then I got sick Tuesday night. Ugh. Suffice to say, I’m doing a lot better now and am ready to sum up my experience.

The Central Washington Authors Guild (CWAG) made a showing at RadCon 7A in Pasco, WA. Though I doubt they’ll see this, I want to thank everyone who patronized our store! We had some pretty good sales and raised some money so we can continue to do some bigger and better things down the line. And I sold five copies of The Games That We Play!

I admit that this post might be a little boring since Tim and I pretty much just manned the store all weekend, but I’ll see what I can do to make it interesting.

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So It’s My Birthday aka I Don’t Feel Fine

2016 comes to a close tomorrow, and in some ways, I couldn’t be happier.  This has been one of the worst years on record for me.  The scary part is that I started off really hopeful about this year… and things started falling apart from there.

We lost so many great people this year: David Bowie, Alan Rickman, George Michael, and almost worst of all, Carrie Fisher and her mom, Debbie Reynolds, just days ago.  I know I’m missing people from this list.  These are just the ones I can name at the moment.  Death is a part of life.  I get that.  I just wish they didn’t have to go like that.  And most of them were still too young.

So November didn’t help either.  I’m not going to whine and complain and be the “sore loser,” but I am definitely concerned. My concern doesn’t just stem from the fact that a certifiable hypocrite and horrible man is going to be holding the office of President next year. (And if you don’t think my assessment is certifiable, just watch several clips of him from over the past year.  That should be more than enough proof.)  No, what’s really got me worried is that in the first time since the country was founded, we’re going to have one political party dominating all three branches of government.  This is such a scary prospect that the Founding Fathers specifically designed the government so that it wouldn’t happen.  They knew that if any one party could dominate the government, it would steamroll across decisions.  No debate in this case, just “our way or the highway.”  This could be the end of the United States as we know it.  I hope not, but the outcome doesn’t look favorable.  If the country was “divided” before, I think we’re now looking at what could be the start of the Second Civil War.

I know I’m not the only person feeling these kinds of things as I’m seeing a lot of this reflected in things I’ve been seeing and hearing out in the wild.  A lot of people are looking forward to the start of a new year and leaving this year behind.  While I want to hope 2017 is going to be better, I thought 2016 was going to better than 2015, and I was wrong about that.

Not to say everything has been all gloom and doom.  To put things into perspective, there have been some bright spots in the year.  I finally published The Games That We Play. (Now available in e-book on Amazon, so reserve your copy today!) (No, really; I’m just kidding.  I hate it when people push their stuff at me, so I try not to be annoying like that.)  I still have to get back on The Games That We Still Play, but I’m getting closer to the end of the first draft.  I just have had a hard time getting back into my writing groove with all the negative stuff that’s happened this year.  I’m going to set the goal of getting out In The Name of Honor in 2017, so we’ll see how that goes.

At least I had a good birthday.  I had the day off work, so I spent it goofing off.  Tim took me to a fancy dinner, which could have ended badly since the restaurant’s card reader broke down, but they fixed it by the time we were done.  And he got me a Legend of Zelda bathrobe (one of the few pieces of Zelda related clothing I didn’t already own).  I still can’t believe I’m now 38, because I don’t feel like it.  Oh well.  Might as well enjoy it while it lasts, even though I’ve already been thinking myself this age for most of the year anyway.

I know this has been a kind of long and rambling post, but it’s my birthday, so I deserve a little lenience for that.  And I’m tired.  I’m not drunk though, despite having had an alcoholic beverage at dinner.  I don’t even plan on getting drunk tomorrow.  We usually have sparkling cider and watch the Sydney fireworks.

So here’s looking forward to 2017, for whatever that’s worth.  It could be better.  Maybe.  Possibly.  (But probably won’t.)

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I Am The Champion! or NaNoWriMo Comes To An End


So, once again, we come to the end of November and close the chapter on another National Novel Writing Month.

This year wasn’t nearly as bad as previous ones. I suppose it’s because I had an incredibly good outline to work off of. Thanks to that, I managed to make the 50,000 word mark early, which makes me a winner! And for the fourth year in a row! (If you haven’t taken a look at my projects, you still have a chance to go here to check them out.)

So, that wraps up my NaNoWriMo experience this year. Stay tuned for updates.

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These Games! aka My First Novel!

The Games That We Play, the first book in the Games, Games, Games series, is now available through Amazon. Right now, it’s Kindle format only, but we’re working on getting a print version available soon. If you’re interested, you can check it out now.

So what’s it about? Kids tend to have pretty wild imaginations, right? And as kids, we have a tendency to create these wild worlds we place ourselves in to play. So what happens when one turns out to be real? And when it comes back to you as an adult? You’ll just have to read it to find out. 😉

P.S. Once again, I want to thank TR Goodman for all his help making this possible. I also want to thank Adriane Ceallaigh for her assistance in making this dream a reality.

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The Great American Novel or NaNo-NaNo

So it’s National Novel Writing Month (aka NaNoWriMo) time again. Though I said it last year, the point is that you have 30 days in which to write 50,000 words or above, otherwise known as a novel. A novel in 30 days? Some call it madness. Others call it inspiration. Are you planning on participating?

For a fourth year in a row, I’ve chosen to try my hand at writing a novel within the confines of the length of November. I feel pretty confident about it since I’ve reached the 50,000 word mark the past three years. (I didn’t actually finish my novel last year, and sadly, it’s still sitting that way. Then again, if you’ve been keeping up with my posts, you know it’s been kind of a bad year for me.)  When they’re ready, I’ll share my novels with the world, but in the meantime, you can check them out here.

I should get to it then. If you’re participating, good luck, and as always, may Calliope’s inspiration ever be in your favor.

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Don’t Wine aka How I Spent My Fourth of July

Kooky grapesTim and I were lucky to rent a house on a slightly larger than average plot of land in the area. We were also lucky that the landscaping included several fruit trees, a bunch of roses, and grape vines. The trees come and go with the quality and quantity of their fruit, but I managed to make some rose syrup this year, and just about every year, we get an abundance of grapes. So in preparation for another bumper crop, I pulled fifteen pounds of last year’s grapes out of the freezer and set to doing something with it.

This is not a hobby I would suggest for everyone. It’s kind of fun, and we usually manage to get about a dozen bottles, but it’s also a lot of work. And it takes time. Well, actually, the timing thing is one of the best parts. You don’t have to constantly baby the mixture. You wait several months after the initial mash is together, pull it out of the bucket into new containers, switch containers once again (I think), and then clear it up and put it into bottles. Doesn’t sound like much, right? You just have to have the time and equipment to get it all done. Read more ›

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‘Murica or Democracy Moves Fourth

13 colonies

Even though I spent most of my holiday working around the house, I guess I need to take a moment to acknowledge just why I got an extra day off work. Maybe I don’t embrace it quite as strongly as a lot of people because I studied the foundation of the United States of America quite extensively in school. And I think there are a lot of misconceptions about this important day in history that I’d like to try to clear up.
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A Descent Into Madness? aka New Book Review

As I mentioned back in February, I met author J. Dean. He had his first book in the Descent Into The Vein series with him. Since I’d been intrigued by what he’d had to say about the world, I wanted to dive in. Okay, it took me a bit to get to it, but when I finally did, it didn’t disappoint. Said review has gone live on GoodReads. If you haven’t already checked it out, you can go to my GoodReads page to see a little more about me and my previous reviews.

So what did I think about The Summoning of Clade Josso? You’ll just have to read my review to find out. 😉 Click on the cover below to be taken to my review on GoodReads.

Clade Josso Cover

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New Book Review or Hunters of Snore…

You’re probably aware I started reading John Norman’s Gor books because I wanted to see if they deserved the reputation they’ve gotten. At this point, I just I got through book eight, Hunters of Gor. It took me over a month to read this book, which is not like me. Usually, I breeze through them. So I decided to do a review of it to explain why. Said review has gone live on GoodReads. If you haven’t already checked it out, you can go to my GoodReads page to see a little more about me and my previous reviews.

So what did I think about Hunters of Gor? You’ll just have to read my review to find out. 😉 Click on the cover below to be taken to my review on GoodReads.

Hunters of Gor Cover

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