It’s My Anniversary! or Here’s The Story…

Yeah, I know I’ve been pretty silent recently. Then again, I’ve been working on a bunch of things, not the least of which is the next novel I plan to release.

I wasn’t quite sure about sharing the story, but I thought that since I’d been so quiet all this time, I thought I’d write about how Tim and I met.

It was the autumn of 1997. Within the past year, I had discovered the joys of role-playing, and one of my friends introduced me to online role-playing chats. I had started with Vampire: The Masquerade online since we had been mostly playing that in our live group sessions. When I started my sophomore year, I wondered what others might be out there. A few internet searches later…

It was called VirtuaPern, and from what I had been told, it was the only one allowed to have some places from the books. I started off as just a regular old person that had moved to Fort Weyr. He was playing a Harper. We met at an auction where he came up as I was admiring one of the horses. (I ended up purchasing her and calling her “Astren.”) So this suave charmer of a Harper started commenting on my beauty. I’m not sure why I decided to play Torin as ditzy, but I responded as if he were talking about the horse. Things proceeded from there.

Tim and I interacted as our characters a lot as autumn bled into winter, and we started talking a lot out of character too. At one point, he told me that no one could possibly be as weird as he is. (I won that argument. 😉 ) By the beginning of 1998, we’d started having serious feelings for each other, but it took him a whole month to admit that he loved me.

We don’t know the exact day we finally said “I love you” to each other, but as near as we can figure, it was April 24, 1998, so that’s the date we set as our anniversary. We’ve been together ever since.

While our life together has has its ups and downs (and I almost left him once), we’re still together, and I can’t imagine living without him. So here’s to another year as a couple and hoping for many more. Hey, maybe we’ll actually get married on our 20th anniversary! 😀

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